If your brand name is not clear

Content filter Brand24 provides an internal search engine that displays or excludes entries that contain the specifie phrase . x like this: If you have a general project for your brand and want to search for mentions of a specific product in it.. Then keywords can introduce mentions into your project that do not concern the issues you are intereste in, while adding require and exclude words can narrow the context of the discussion too much. The best solution in this situation is to set a generic design and then set up an internal content filter.

The list words source filter

If you search for several phrases at the same time, indicate what you are looking for using the following quantifiers: {AND} – and ,chocolate {AND} cocoa – the filter Latest Mailing Database will show only entries that contain these two words at the same time; {OR} – or ,chocolate {OR} cocoa {OR} pudding – entries containing at least one of the liste phrases will be displaye; {NOT} – exclude the phrase ,{NOT} cocoa {AND} {NOT} chocolate – will not display entries that contain at least one of opening your project, you will get results from all places on the web where your brand, product or topic was mentione. However, you can group them by the source where they were found.

Latest Mailing Database

The select sources as shown

Maybe you’re only intereste in mentions AZB Directory from your video and photo site at the moment? Or with several types of pages at the same time? Just select in the graphic below. Sentiment filter Internet monitoring helps you manage your brand’s reputation. Every time an unfavorable comment appears on the web, you can react quickly, and when someone shares nice words – thank you.

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