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The Google search term is [insert keyword]. I want to understand what people are expecting when searching for this term.” Step 2 Fagin said she uses the instructions below in the same prompt. The titles of the current top 10 results have been provided below and can be considered for analysis. It can be helpful to understand what is currently appearing on Google Search [insert scraped page titles from Google search for the target keyword].” ChatGPT then “inserts all of the scraped page titles that came from that first step that actually runs in the background.” Screenshot 2023 09 08 At 18.39.17 800×447 Step 3 ChatGPT understands intent categorizations – similar to tools like.

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Can include an intent categorization section where the intent is divided into four parts: Informational. Navigational. Commercial. Transactional. Step 4 You want ChatGPT to Cyprus Mobile Number List produce its answers this format: Search intent analysis: For each search title, determine what people are looking for when they are searching for the keyword and provide a classification by search intent. Intent categorization: Mention the four intents and provide reasoning on whether the search is suitable for that intent.

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Audience analysis prompting Audience analysis helps you to understand what kind of reader you should be targeting, Fagin said. Step 1 To get ChatGPT to assist you with this when Uk Phone Number List writing blog posts, she advised using the following prompt: “I am writing a blog article which is centered around the keyword [insert keyword]. I want to understand what audience to target in my blog post.” Step 2 Combine your knowledge of keywords with the insights you’ve gained from your search intent analysis, Fagin said.

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