How to Use Email Headers to Increase Your Click-Through Rates

Your Email Header Is the First Thing Your Subscribers See, So It’s Important to Make It Count. a Well-Written Email Header Can Grab Attention, Pique Curiosity, and Encourage Subscribers to Click Through to Your Email. Here Are a Few Tips for Using Email Headers to Increase Your Click-Through Rates: Keep It Short and Sweet. People Are Busy and Have Short Attention Spans. Your Email Header Should Be No More Than 50 Characters Long. Use Strong Verbs. Verbs Add Action and Excitement to Your Email Header. Instead of Saying “New Product,” Try “Introducing Our New Product.” Include a Number. Numbers Are Attention-Grabbing and Can Help to Quantify the Benefits of Your Offer.

Example You Could Say

“Get 20% Off Your First Order” or “Download Our Free Ebook with 100 Recipes.” Use Power Words. Power Words Are Emotionally Charged Words That Can Evoke Feelings of Desire, Urgency, or Excitement. Some Examples of Power Words Include “Free,” “New,” “Limited Time,” and “Exclusive.” Personalize Your Headers. When You Remove Background Image  Personalize Your Email Headers, You Show Your Subscribers That You’re Speaking Directly to Them. You Can Personalize Your Headers by Using Their Name, the Name of Their Company, or the Products or Services They’ve Purchased from You in the Past. Use Images. Images Can Help to Break Up the Text in Your Email Header and Make It More Visually Appealing.

Remove Background Image

Images Can Also Help to Reinforce the Message of Your Header

For Example, If You’re Promoting a New Product, You Could Use an Image of the Product in Your Header. Test Your Headers. the Best Way to Know What Works Is to Test Different Email Headers and See Which Ones Perform the Best. You  AZB Directory Can Use a Tool Like A/b Testing to Send Different Versions of Your Email to Different Segments of Your Subscribers and See Which One Has the Highest Click-Through Rate. by Following These Tips, You Can Create Email Headers That Will Grab Attention, Increase Click-Through Rates, and Help You Achieve Your Email Marketing Goals. Here Are Some Additional Tips for Creating Effective Email Headers: Use a Consistent Design Across All of Your Emails.

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