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Between friends People involv in posting, discussing and changing opinions. Online sales business promotion Both in the form of a company. And private through advertising in various forms that. Facebook has And you can’t deny that it helps you get notic quickly. And anyone who doesn’t have Facebook is consider outdat for this era. Facebook’s features can be done in both simple text typing. video upload Live video shooting via Facebook Live and making stories that are consider useful to both online sellers and companies ever.

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YouTube YouTube Logo When it comes to the Ireland B2B List best video platform, no one is familiar with YouTube, where billions of hours of video are watch every day. You can create a private channel as either your own or a corporate model. To promote your brand, products or services by uploading videos and promoting to gain followers (subscriber) to view the videos you made, who can like, share or comment on YouTube is one of the social mia . The world’s top mia player competes with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is also consider the second largest video search engine after Google.

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YouTube is own by Google. And with AZB Directory the same ownership as Google, advertising to promote your channel is similar to promoting your business through Google to buy different types of ads that affect your video search. WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp is an application for typing messages to each other. With over . billion users in more than countries around the world, WhatsApp is actually made for communicating between friends and family. And it start to become a widely us business communication application. With this in mind, WhatsApp has evolv into business by allowing businesses to create their own profiles.

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