Earning Exemptions Provided Within the Scope of 5746 for R&d Centers

Every year, activity reports regarding the activities. Carried out within the scope of the r&d center are submitted. Therefore, to the ministry of industry and technology. In this report, many sections such as all events. Collaborations, personnel information, ongoing and completed project information. That took place during the relevant year are updated and sent via the portal. Signed by the company official or r&d center official with an e-signature. Subsequently. Referees appointed by the ministry visit the center on site within the scope. Therefore, of the report and evaluate the year of activity. Here, referees specifically evaluate. The r&d quality of the projects. If it is decided that any project does not qualify. As r&d and the project is removed from the scope of the center; in terms of taxes.

Tax loss is deemed to have occurred

The lost taxes are taken back together with delay interest and tax loss penalty. In order to B2B Email List be prepared for audit situations at any time, I have listed for you the file contents of R&D Center projects that are recommended to be followed by R&D Center Authorities and process managers. Headings that should be included in the project files; Project Cover Page Project Form Transferred to the Ministry Portal Forms Regarding Revisions Made in the Project Form Transferred to the Ministry Portal Project Goals Comparison of Project Output with Similar Competitive Products Project Business Plan Project Progress Information Project Outputs. Therefore, list Project Expense List Project Personnel List & Duties Project Test.

Analysis Report Lists Project Images

Project Result Report All Other Documents Related to the Project (Patent Application, Paper Presentation, Article, etc.) Separate files should be created for the AZB Directory details of all projects carried out within the R&D Center . Project progress reports should be kept at certain periods and supported by intermediate outputs (reports, visuals, diagrams, etc.). Project codes and start-end dates in the files must match the information on the Ministry portal. In project management, requirements and expectations should be set forth and goals should be expressed with clear data. The scope, cost and socio-cultural, economic and national benefits of the project should be examined. 

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