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Or servicess or services options through reviews or inquiries from acquaintances Processing before making a purchase decision decision to buy a product or service Brand attachment or repeat purchase from the experience gain from using the product or service Telling friends or acquaintances From having a good experience from using products or services Step : Identify customer touchpoints where customers will interact with us. (Touchpoints) Journey Template The customer touchpoint is the point where the customer interacts with our brand from start to finish.

A step by step journey

Customers may search for businesses online Suriname B2B List or in ads. Visit website or contact customer service Identifying touchpoints is an important step in building a customer journey map. And make sure the customer is satisfi every step of the way. Step Do some research to find out. Conducting questionnaires, interviews, or other research methods to obtain information on the experience that customers have encounter. It allows us to know the travel routes and experiences of each type of customer. in the development of communication channels Solve problems encounter by customers and may lead to the development of products and services by finding the following information.

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Map helps us identify

What is the aim of the customer?hat AZB Directory method do they want? What are the different steps he nes at each step of the contact point? How does he feel and experience each touch point? What is his opinion on each step? How long did he spend on each contact point? Step Identify the points that are not connect. When we understand the aim of the customer group and know the various touch points It’s time to look at the big picture of the customer experience for our business. Each business has different target groups. The identities and personalities of the target audience are different.

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