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Understanding of consumers. And many brands focus on using Eye Tracking to measure the response in website design. product packaging, advertising, applications product packaging design For example, using letters and images on cookie packets. The text that shows the brand must be large. and use eye-catching fonts And the picture of the cookie should not be an ordinary paste cookie. But it should be a picture of the cookie with traces of it being bitten. And there’s a cookie falling next to it. This makes it more visually appealing and makes the image feel more alive.

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Create attention-grabbing with exclusivity. Us Belarus WhatsApp Number List to promote various products. with a price ruction But it’s not the only price ruction. Putting something special in the conditions will make it better to attract customers. Such as “special price baht, only people” or in some cases, customers choose. To buy products that are more useful than the price of the product. By offering various accessories, such as expensive cameras, but without accessories, but cheaper cameras give camera cases, special filters.

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By presenting fear loss or miss opportunity AZB Directory millennials that more than % are afraid of losing, afraid of falling into trends. Fear of missing the opportunity to get the product at that time, such as limit time sales Offer of certain products in certain stores only. or inviting customers to attend events through social mia can identify the importance of customers For example, the case of PayPal list above. To find out the importance that customers are looking for first. that chang from looking at safety to be convenient and fast in using the service Reveal your true love Neuromarketing can reveal the preferences of consumers that are hidden in their hearts.

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