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The brand Benefits of Brand Content or communicate with the brand more than normal advertising. Creating good brand content can lead to interesting storytelling. that can connect emotional feelings to remember that brand for a long time The chances of going viral or spreading the word to various social mia widely and rapidly if Brand Content has a story that touches and creates emotional connection between the customer group and the brand. Brand Content also helps to better promote the position of the brand. that is not just about recognizing the brand’s slogan.

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Its about communicating positive values Cambodia Email List ​​associat with the brand itself. and into the minds of the target audience who have seen it create participation (Engagement and opportunity to Loyalty to the brand (Brand Loyalty) that is different from traditional advertising. That is a one-way communication style, but Brand Content is a form of storytelling that creates opportunities for deep engagement or can become a part of everyday life at all. Guarantee that Brand Content can generate traffic and leads to social mia and your website to the extent that the conversion rate is amazingly good.

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Examples of good brand content AZB Directory Let’s take a look at some examples of brand content from famous brands. This information I gather from blog.placeit.net Let’s see. LEGO LEGO the movie trailer (thelegomovie) LEGO is a building block toy brand. that has won the hearts of children for many decades and still no brand can overthrow the throne Suddenly rose up to revolutionize the toy industry from ordinary bricks to create a movie by bringing the story from various famous movies to make a movie call “LEGO the Movie” that debut in without selling anything. Just bring the personality (Character) of the next character to create a story.

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